Actor & Producer

The Scowling Dusk

An esoteric trilogy exploring what it is to be human in the moment of death. This is an ongoing long-term project currently in production.

Cast & Creatives

Tom Sutton
Stuart Walker
Kate Griffiths
Natalia Voight
Rachelle Grubb
Justin Hayward
Joe Golby [SwordMaster & Aerial Photography]
Jessica King
James Olley [Company Art Director & Conceptual Artist]
Chris Davies & Eastwood Media
Annie Walker
Ashlea Lauren
Carmen Silva
Deryn Cullen
Adam John Sharp
Jay James
The Flying Guys (Aerial Unit)
Grant Cartwright
Ian Sheppard (Props Master)

Newton Corrigan

A Western film project with a supernatural theme. Note: Aidan's filmworks can also be found on Vimeo. Look for AlchemyEsoteric.


Gothic brutalist noir. Limited 6 Episode series.

Follow the path...on Vimeo...


An epic Grand Guignol in two parts. Prequel to the Scowling Dusk.

Asarlaí Studios

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