Atlantic Sanctuary

Poetry collection available as ebook and print edition by the late Irish author Tom O’Connor. Illustrations by James Olley. Free audiobook also available.

When Time Was A Playful Child

Second and final poetry collection as ebook and print edition by the late Tom O’Connor. Illustrations by James Olley. Free audiobook also available.

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Effective Philanthropy


Nowadays I tend to disappear for a few years and work on my projects behind the scenes. I only have to impress myself to be honest. When I am ready then I get the work out there. If people like it I am grateful and humbled. But I work on my own terms.

As for me I do it all myself within reason. I have been running my own 'Aidan Incorporated' for years. Minding my own business, step-by-step. Of course that is exactly the point. When you are your own Boss then it is up to you. Your life and work becomes Boutique, hand-made shall we say. I am not beholden to anyone else. Everything has my stamp on it. The buck stops with me.

No I am not political. If anything I am my own political animal and I do not support any party. However I think Socialism is an out-dated concept that will never work. The radical lefty politik leaves me cold. We should be encouraging entrepreneurship. Get off your arse and make your own life. If you keep blaming the rich for your problems or constantly preaching to tax the rich you will never succeed. I always laugh at left-wingers anyway because in our business it is wealthy investors and producers who pay for the production and the actor wages! They are so hypocritical in my business.

I abhor any kind of extremism be that from the left, the middle or the right. Any extremist is lacking in primary intelligence and education.

Oh my gosh never follow the herd! It is deliberate that I am not based in the 'buzzing' area or in LA or central London or that I am not a member of 'Soho House' or the like. It is absolutely deliberate. Warren Buffett has some good advice on avoiding the typical kernel and create your own. He lives in Omaha not Wall Street.

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